Pasquale Big Basket Lamb

Pasquale Big Basket Lamb


Ingredients: Sugar, Almonds, Natural Flavors, Vanilla, Dye according to law

Lamb 220 gr

Lamb 80 gr


Tradition has it that the first to prepare this dessert were the nuns of the Collegio di Maria of the "Batia" district of Favara. The recipe was passed down orally, from the older nuns to the younger ones. One of the first recipes of the Easter lamb dates back to 1898 and belonged to a wealthy family of the agrarian and sulphiferous bourgeoisie of the nineteenth century from Favara.

At the time it was a little-known dessert and strictly family- produced , this dessert was tasted on May 12, 1923, by Msgr. Giuseppe Roncalli (1881-1963 - elected Pope John XXIII on 28-10-1958), when, being on a visit to Agrigento and was so appreciated by Msgr. Roncalli, to such an extent that exactly 40 years after his visit to Agrigento-Favara, precisely on 11 May 1963, he wanted to remember two things in particular: the visit made to the temples of Agrigento and the particular taste of the Easter Lamb, consumed in Favara .

From generation to generation the recipe has been handed down and has come down to our times. Given the large production of this cake around the mid-twentieth century, Favara has been called "City of the Easter Lamb", even establishing a festival.

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