Arancinette almond sweets

Arancinette almond sweets


Ingredients: egg white, sugar, almonds, natural flavors,
Pumpkin with orange, coconut crumb

Almond paste is one of the best known Sicilian products in the world. Having become part of the products of the Italian tradition, this particular food has centuries of history behind it and, even today, it is one of the most used and well-known products in the gastronomy sector. To tell its story it is necessary to go back to the III century BC when, thanks to maritime trade, sugar was brought to Rome by Indians and Persians. It was then the Arabs, who spread sugar cane plantations since the sixth century and worked the sugar to create delicious foods. The birth of the Almond Paste is certainly attributable to the Arabs, who introduced rich and spicy dishes to Sicily. The Arabs then mixed sugar and ground almonds and spread this recipe also in Sicily.

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