Fruit Martorana Royal Pasta

Fruit Martorana Royal Pasta


Ingredients: Sugar, Almonds, Natural Flavors, Vanilla, Dye according to law


The oldest and most famous preparation made with this pasta is the Martorana fruit which was packed by the nuns in the convent attached to the church of Santa Maria dell'Ammiraglio, or San Nicolò dei Greci, (known as the Martorana), which overlooks Piazza Bellini and was erected in 1143 by Giorgio d'Antiochia, admiral of Norman Roger II, king of Sicily. Later in 1193 it was the noblewoman Eloisia Martorana who had a Benedictine monastery built next to the church and convent. Since then the whole building complex took the name "della Martorana" in his honor, and in the same way the sweets prepared by the nuns were also called.

Tradition tells that the convent garden and the vegetable garden were among the most beautiful in the city, where fruit trees and vegetables grew that prouded the nuns who cared for them. Their pride, however, reached the ear of the bishop of that time, who intrigued wanted to go personally to find. The visit, however, was made in the middle of autumn, for the feast of All Saints, when the trees were already devoid of any fruit. The nuns then decided to create fruits with almond paste to decorate the trees and thus embellish the garden.

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