Moscardini / Scardellini

Moscardini / Scardellini


Ingredients: 00 flour, sugar, natural flavors

Whether you are looking for some slightly special recipes for Halloween or want to pay homage to one of the tastiest and most fascinating customs linked to the commemoration of the deceased, the Sicilian gastronomic tradition will delight the palate with the crunchy Ossa di Morto , the typical biscuits of 2 November which surprise for their simplicity, their shape and a small "secret" linked to their preparation. Depending on the production areas, these biscuits take on different names. If in Palermo they are often called Mustazzoli , in other places in Sicily they are known as Scardellini or Paste di Garofano . In Messina they bear the traditional name of Ossa di Morto (also in the dialect version of "Ossa i Mortu"), which derives both from the shape with which they are often prepared and from the crunchy consistency. They are, in fact, like crunchy biscuits consisting of a darker and softer base topped with a harder and lighter shell . Contrary to what one might think, however, they are obtained with a single mixture based on water, flour, sugar and spices (usually cinnamon and cloves), whose components separate during cooking.

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