Ingredients: 00 flour, lard, honey, sugar, almond, E503, vanilla, E202, natural flavors


The Tetù , or tatù, are typical biscuits of Sicily, in particular in the Agrigento area, also called Catalani, which can be found at any time of the year today but which were once reserved for the holidays of the period of the deceased. They are sweets that are part of the " Sicilian mixture ", consisting of typical soft and fragrant biscuits that are generally found only in the island's bakeries and pastry shops but which are sometimes still prepared in the kitchens of the houses where there are still some grandmothers. The name derives from the nature of the biscuits which contain a mixture of many confectionery products, based on almonds and with the addition of candied fruit and covered with chocolate or lemon glaze . Their history, like that of most Sicilian sweets, originates from the kitchens of the cloistered nuns ' convents, which were ordered and sold to the public through the special wheel embedded in the wall. It was a way, for the nuns, to cover the economic needs of the Monastery, and on the other hand they enjoyed teasing the palate of the greedy with sweets that they invented from time to time, rich and imaginative, handed down from the various dominations that followed one another island, in particular the Arab one.

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